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Memphis Depay Clothing Logo

MDC is a lifestyle brand by Memphis Depay. 

It became very clear in an early stage that this logo had to do something with my trademark: fingers in both ears when I score. Blind and deaf to the world. It strengthens my focus, and makes me stronger. I want my brand to convey that.

This collection is both classic PUMA – and classic Memphis. In PUMA’s first collaboration with BADTTW, a luxury line of Memphis Depay Clothing, iconic T7 tees, jackets, and track pants are reimagined with fresh colors, signature side stripes, and custom graphics created by the man himself, bringing to life his mantra: Blind and Deaf to the World.

Client: Memphis Depay Clothing

Year: 2021 - Present

Memphis Depay
Memphis Depay x PUMA
PUMA x Memphis Depay
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