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About the project

Mason Garments aspires to inspire individuals to be the best they can be. The company finds its purpose in designing, producing and delivering handmade Italian footwear for the progressive thinking human being. As Rendi states: "Dressing well is a form of good manner”. Our main objective is to support people to stand proud and firm in a fast changing society. To be able to recognize ones quirks and flaws, and learning to embrace them as assets and an integral part of ourselves.

The vision of Mason Garments is to keep inspiring the world. Mason Garments strives to put more emphasis on creating authentic environmental-friendly products. This means changing the consumer environment by educating consumers to purchase less and receive more (quality products) in return. 

Client: Mason Garments

Year: 2022 - Present

Mason Garments Socks
Mason Garments Socks
Mason Garments Dress Socks
Mason Garments Sport Socks
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